For over 30 years, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have captivated audiences with their high energy shows and special blend of funky rock n’ roll.  Being fans of fun, funk, and everything rock n roll, The Red Hot Cholo Peppers re-create the fan experience with a uniquely Southern California twist.  

They are most definitely not your average tribute band. 

 “It’s this instant vibe you get when you hear the name, people know it’s a party.” -David Strickland (Vocals, Guitar)

Clad in bandanas, flannels, and crashing parties with the same Cholo-style attitude you haven’t seen since before your Tio got locked up, the Red Hot Cholo Peppers bring you all the hits of your favorite band with extra chili on top. 

With decades of experience as professional musicians, this 4-piece band fully understands their role in providing fun and engaging entertainment wherever they play. They are professionals, who happen to love what they do and take pride in doing it well.  Every show they play is carefully tailored to reach maximum audience engagement and their diversity as a band allows them to throw in some surprising non-RHCP covers that always get people dancing, singing along, and shouting “Òrale” together.  

When shared, music becomes an exhilarating experience. Every time they take the stage, the Red Hot Cholo Peppers want to bring you right along and share the fun that they have. Matt McKnight (Bass, Backing Vocals) says, “Our goal at every show is to make people sing along, laugh, dance, repeat.”  You become a part of the show as we all remember the songs that sculpted us and our love of music. 

Los Cholos



 A 3rd generation guitarist, Albert began playing at the age of 10 learning everything from blues to rock and metal. At the age of 16 he began studying guitar at the local music store and continued his music education throughout high school and college. He really hasn’t ever stopped studying and puts more time into his guitar practice than your dad has left on his sentence.  

     Albert has participated in numerous recording sessions and live gigs ranging from big band jazz, to musicals, to progressive metal, and pop rock. As a professional musician Albert is dedicated to keeping his technical abilities in top shape for any musical situation. He believes that using the best instruments and gear is a high priority for creating the best possible performances.  

     His experience with the Cholo Peppers has shown him that crowd-interaction is a powerful tool for a great show saying, “Whether they’re singing along to their favorite song, high-fiving band members, sending drinks to the stage or adding comedic commentary with members of the band, it’s clear that live music is a powerful thing and the better we can communicate with our audience the better we can perform.” 



Born in Naples, Italy and raised in Baja and Southern California, David Strickland, better known as DaveWellBehaved has been performing for the masses since learning to sing in a children's church choir in Mexicali as a young cholito. He has shown the world both his skill and versatility in his various bands and projects.  

     He has quite literally worked his way up through the music scene and has appeared on everything from street corners and theaters, national stages and festivals to local and national TV and radio. Having attained some of the most sought-after goals of lifelong musicians including writing and releasing albums, touring, and playing with some of his favorite major-label bands, his experience with the Cholo Peppers has been a unique one.  “Never have I ever had such a good time playing with such stupidly talented friends.  We meet new fans at every show who tell us what a blast they’re having and how much they love what we’re doing.” These days when he isn’t playing with the Cholo Peppers, he hosts open mics, writes original music, and studies mechanical engineering.



Chicago native, Matt McKnight, grew up playing bass and guitar in blues and jam bands in the big city scene. He quickly made a name for himself and was recruited to Los Angeles at the age of 23. It was a good thing he had the cajones to make the move to California because since then, he has toured nationally, recorded on 11 studio albums, played over 2000 shows, as well as produced/recorded two full length albums of his own. Some of his most memorable moments have been sharing the stage with, "Three Days Grace", "Everclear", "Eve 6" and "Rival Sons". 

Currently the bass player for the Red Hot Cholo Peppers he says that, “We all know each other’s talents and trust that we’ve put in the time individually. So when it comes to showtime, we can be excited and loose, go out and play our asses off and still be quick to make every wisecrack at the crowd that we can” 



Vincent developed a love for music at the early age of 13. His path to financial insecurity (ba-dum-tsss) began with him playing piano and drums at his local church developing the skills that would help him later on as a professional musician. 

 While in high school, he auditioned for and quickly became the first chair drummer in both his high school jazz band and winter drumline.  He caught the fire and began immersing himself in a wide range of musical projects from metal to jazz, taking on anything to make him a more well-rounded musician. He has been honored to perform throughout the U.S. and internationally alongside a great list of incredible musicians such as Poncho Sanchez, The Delfonics, Brenton Wood and many others.

   He still retains the same tenacity for music that he started with and hasn’t slowed down his musical endeavors, currently playing in a total of four bands.  As a founding member of the Red Hot Cholo Peppers, Vincent knew that there would be great things in their future saying, “It was such a good idea, I felt like we had to run with it.”  He would like to share that passion with you when you go catch him playing at the next Cholo Peppers show.